Who am I?

I do integrative massage therapy. I don’t work by modality (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Work), but use all my skills to work with you to help you feel better, whether you are looking for a wellness session to help enhance your everyday life, or you are in pain and looking for relief.

I am an Illinois State Licensed Massage Therapist, I graduated from The New School for Massage Bodywork & Healing in Chicago, IL.  Before I became a massage therapist, I worked as a research assistant in a neuroscience lab. My interest in neuroscience influences the way I approach massage. While my methods are hands on body, like every other bodyworker, I think of how I’m working with your nervous system/whole self, rather than what I am doing to your muscles or fascia. 

I moved to Rockford a year ago, have many relatives nearby, and my people have lived in the area for generations.

Also, my name, spelled Nela,  is pronounced NAY-la, or NEIGH-la. I was named after a 19th century Spanish novel.

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